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Rotax ultralight aircraft engine piston kit

Rotax ultralight aircraft engine piston n top end kit parts such as fuel pump, ignition parts, exhaust parts gasket sets and more for rotax 277 377 447 503 521 532 462 464 582 583 618  ultralight aircraft engines.

Our aftermarket piston kits are mainly moly coated skirts and hard ceramic crowns to keep the heat up top away from the pin bearing. Pistons have a redesigned pin boss and can use caged or cageless bearings. All kits are designed to replace the std elkos sold by rotax perfectly. They are hyper eutectic cast units. We have used these aftermarket pistons in our shops for over 15 years with zero problems. Over 5300 sets are in use from us through out the world. The gasket sets are american made, the seals are teflon lipped. 

Our tech staff is available to answer your questions.We also carry rotax service parts and maintenance manuals for these engines.